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We Help Businesses Create More Opportunities Using Big Data Analysis Insights.

Business real-time analysis and profiling are critical for staying competitive and relevant in the ever-evolving business landscape. They enable companies to understand market dynamics, client behaviors, and emerging trends, allowing for informed decision-making, targeted strategies, and sustainable growth in a fast data-driven world.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence product helps you get to know your potential clients, understand industry trends, assess their social footprint, and obtain their contact information. We provide real-time data analysis for businesses across the US.

Business Intelligene
Risk Analysis & Business Scoring

Risk Analysis &
Business Scoring

Our risk analysis is based on three main criteria: financial metrics, non-financial metrics, and digital assets. We measure each criterion by analyzing multiple metrics, each with a different score, to help you reduce risks when working with new clients.

CRM's & Business Solution API

Our solution can be integrated into several CRMs and business solution platforms. We offer simple ways to access our data analysis and insights, so you won't need to use multiple platforms.

CRM's & Business Solution API
Sales Insights

Sales Insights & Client Discovery.

Our sales insights and business discovery help you find more clients similar to your high-value ones. We cluster each business search you make in real-time, allowing you to see similar businesses and create more deals and revenue.

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