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We Support Our Small Business Community

We believe in giving back to the community; it's part of our DNA. Small businesses play a vital role by creating jobs, shaping local identities, fostering innovation, and contributing to the environment.

To support our community, we pledge to invest 10% of all our income towards its growth.

*If you're a small business in the US and our service could benefit you but you're unable to afford it, please click here. We'd be happy to offer you a free subscription for one year

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A Message from Our Founder

When we founded SumData, our mission was to help small businesses thrive. We understand the challenges of starting a business in today’s economy, investing our savings, and ensuring its success.


We see ourselves as integral members of the small business community, and we developed our platform based on our own experiences and conversations with hundreds of businesses.

We believe our platform can offer significant assistance: it's user-friendly, affordable, and designed to empower every small business to grow and thrive.


We hope that all of you achieve your dreams and reach your fullest potential.

Ronen Avidar

Founder & CEO

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