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We assist both small businesses and financial services companies in generating more opportunities.

We aim to deliver valuable insights and real-time intelligence through data analysis to aid small businesses and financial services companies craft more effective sales and business development strategies, enhancing their chances of success. Utilizing our platform gives you access to tools for personalizing your offerings, gaining a deeper understanding of decision-making processes, identifying opportunities, managing your time more effectively, and mitigating risks.


For Small Businesses.

Small businesses can harness big data analysis to effectively identify new B2B clients. By analyzing extensive data on a business's location, industry types, and sectors, and clustering them in real-time to find similar businesses to their most high-value ones, they can pinpoint potential clients who are most likely to benefit from their products or services. Our platform simplifies access to essential information for small businesses, ensuring a compelling value proposition. Real-time data analysis keeps businesses agile, enabling them to adapt to market trends. Harnessing big data for B2B client identification facilitates efficient growth, expands the client base, and drives revenue.


For Financial Services. 

Financial services companies can leverage real-time data intelligence and risk analysis to enhance their market share and seize opportunities within the Small business data analysis community. This approach can refine their offerings, making them more targeted and cost-effective. Using data analysis to comprehend the financial landscape, industry dynamics, and growth prospects, they can customize financial products and services to address specific needs, attracting new clients.

The capability to validate Business data visualization in real time while conducting risk analysis mitigates default risks and helps prevent fraud.


For Crm's &
Business Solutions.

CRMs and business solutions platforms targeting small businesses can access real-time intelligence on US-based businesses through our API or customized solutions. offers a variety of business analyses, including risk analysis, industry trends, social footprint, and opportunities by category. By clustering profitable clients, our platform matches similar businesses with high potential to become clients, providing invaluable insights to drive growth and success.

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